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April, 2010

Ars brevis vita longa

+ Viveek Sharma jusqu’au 23 avril 2010 Galerie Fabian Claude Walter Zurich



October 2009

Thaindian News

Indian art makes its way into European marketplaces



August 2009

German galleries turn towards India


Deccan Herald

India Art Summit

The just-concluded India Art Summit created a lot of sound and fury by showcasing Indian art to an international market. Giridhar Khasnis hopes its next edition will signify something more.

When you stood in front of Anish Kapoor’s concave stainless steel mirror, you saw yourself (and everything else in your surrounding) upside down! It took a while for you to realise that you had just entered a world of magical distortion. more…



April 2009

Barun Chowdhury, Pratul Dash, Viraj Naik, Riaz Samadhan, Viveek Sharma – New Perspectives of India



August 2007

The Hindu

The colours of independent India