Paul Kowalow

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Paul’s passion in photography has always been a desire to create work of art by capturing an ordinary still subject and bringing it to life. His latest exhibit demostrates how Chicago’s downtown concrete jungle with an overwhelming symmetry and relentless repetition encased in glassy surface can be transposed to a captive art form.

An alumni of the New York Institute of Photography, Paul has been experimenting with photography since late childhood. Although he learned photography using black & white film and color transparency, he now shoots almost exclusively in digital medium. Digital imaging has undoubtfully revolutionized the art of photography by giving him more creative control and freedom in perfecting his technique.

Paul is also an MBA graduate from California Coast University in Santa Ana and holds a Computing Science degree from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC. A native of Poland, Paul lived in Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. He now lives and works in Chicago, USA.