Ken’ichiro Taniguchi

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Ken’ichiro Taniguchi (b. 1976 in Sapporo, Japan) lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Japan. He received his BFA from the The College of Fine Art in Hokkaido in 2000.
Taniguchi most recent project include Hecomi Study for CJIB (Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau), Leeuwarden in New building of CJIB, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. His work has previously been exhibited at venues in Europe and Asia including N2 GALERIA, Barcelona, Spain; PHOEBUS in Rotterdam; Kik, Meppel,  The Netherlands; Souterrain in Berlin, AD&A gallery in Japan, and Mikiko Sato Gallery in Hamburg.
Taniguchi has been featured in publications such as Art Forum, Kunstbeeld Rotterdam and Art-Das Kunstmagazin.

Watch a video to learn more about the artist (produced by CinephiliaFilms, 4min)

About My Sculpture

I use the lesions in porous street surfaces or in the cracked walls of buildings as the source for my curious, seemingly organic formations in hard yellow plastic after the tracing. These are, in turn, cast one-to-one in PVC. In large-scale photographs, we then see the finished works custom-fitted in the original cracks. The wound is healed, the state of perfection restored.

My objects, which are equipped with hinges so that they can be folded together and opened up again, change their appearance depending on the desired arrangement. One point of reference is, of course, Origami – the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The yellow objects in hard PVC are, in some cases, presented as pictures against a white background, or as free-standing sculptures on plinths and, in yet other cases, as large-scale, room-filling installations.


Ken’ichiro Taniguchi