Justyna Adamczyk

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Justyna Adamczyk (b. 1981 in Poland) lives and works in Wroclaw. Her work has previously been exhibited at venues in Europe including 9 Contest Gepperta, BWA Awangarda Wrocław, Poland; Joung polisch Painters I-XII, Bestregarts Gallery – Frankfurt am Main, Germany; 30 Premio Internacional de Pintura de Caja de Extremadura; More or Less, Musemu da Ciencia e da Industria – Porto, Portugal and Aula de Cultura de Plasencia. She received her MFA from the The Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, Wroclaw in 2007.



Justyna Adamczyk has proven to be an artist with an unusually deep consciousness and with great willpower to create.
To describe her art with a classic definition of painting would not be enough. One of the reasons is that she uses a variety of media which mix together. She correctly draws conclusions from those experiments and implements them into her work.
Distinct, organic spots of paint which create discreet physiological allusions, splash and splatter in various proportions on the unprimed, fine cotton canvas changing the work into a piece of art which becomes a place of nearly per formative action.
Justyna Adamczyk’s language can be gentle and full of allusions as well as very literal. Adamczyk’s painting proves that art is not about building forms, but rather about showing the forces which govern them.
When it comes to the composition, she often chooses one dominant element, a form, which takes on all the impact and draws attention to itself. The way it is constructed and positioned among other elements conveys a strong desire to explain all doubts.
Sometimes, there are many ‘dominating’ elements, but they do not compete with each other thanks to clear rules of hierarchy. Her works communicate a difficult range of topics such as feminism, sexuality, the existence of a relationship with herself and with the world.
PhD. Przemyslaw Pintal

Translated by Anna Laver