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May 25, 2010

Chicago Art Magazine

Junko Yamamoto at EC Gallery (by Robin Dluzen)



March 2010

IBUKI Magazine

THE VISUAL DENOUEMENT IS THE RICH HIDDEN LAYERS OF RASPBERRY, escaping to the surface just enough to bring level contrast to the overall palette. This month Ibuki magazine introduces the artwork of Junko Yamamoto. Japanese artist Yamamoto is perhaps not as well-known as she ought to be. Her paintings are as colorful as a euphoric dream. SAM Gallery Seattle has been displaying her works for over 10 years.



June 2009

Art Access



November 2008

Art in America

“The flickering quality of the abstract painting is captured and made more explicit in the video, it’s jumpy images echoing her brushwork”. (Matthew Kangas)



November 2007

Art Ltd.

“with her deft brushwork, and oscilating color-grounds of greens, blues and browns, Yamamoto employs the brighter colors as almost industrial contrasts. The dialogue between the pop culture references and formal elements taht is simmering below the surface of these small. glowing works also might emerge more explicitly with great potential rewards”.

(Kangas Matthew)


February 2006

Conde Nast


September 2004

Seattle Weekly

“Yamamoto applies and gouges away with a joyful, intoxiciting inventiveness” (David Stoesz)


September 2002

Seattle Weekly

“Junko Yamamoto paints gorgeously weathered abstractions in warm cool colors enlivened by the occasional pink pillow shape” (David Stoesz)


July 2000

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Junko Yamamoto’s landscapes are weightless, driffing worlds” (Regine Hackett)


June 1998

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“find a different way to stamp their abstractions with a Post-pop sensibility” (Regine Hackett)