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Born in 1971, Poland Lives and works in Poland.


2004 Ph.D in Fine Arts
1997 M.F.A. Academy of Fine Arts Diploma under the supervision of Professor Tomasz Jury and Roman Nowatarski – Katowice, Poland
1992-1997 Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design -Katowice, Poland
1991 High School of Fine Arts – Czestochowa, Poland


2008 The Newest Art Trienale “4 spaces in Art” – Konduktorownia Gallery, Poland
2008 “Eight” Regional Company of the Incentive of Excellent Plays in Częstochowa, Poland
2006 “The scent of wild roses”, Margaux Cellars” Gallery – Czestochowa, Poland
2006 “Drawers”, Lubex Gallery – Lubliniec, Poland
2005 “Avoiding one’s own presence”, Herbaciarnia Fanaberia Gallery – Bytom, Poland
2004 “Sealed in ice”, GCK – Katowice, Poland
2003 “Face to face”, GOK – Olsztyn, Poland
2002 “Point P”, MM Gallery – Chorzow, Poland
2002 “If”, Gaude Mater Cultural Promotion Centre – Czestochowa, Poland
2000 “Why”, Other Silesia Gallery – Tarnowaskie Gory, Poland
1998 “Bird’s-eye view”, GCK – Katowice, Poland
1997 “Diplomas”, GCK – Katowice, Poland


2009 “International Contest of Painting” Picture of Public View, PROFIL – Gallery of Contemporary Art – Poznan, Poland
2008 “3 – Jola, Asia, Agata” Mandala Club – Warsaw, Poland
2008 “Child” Art Nova 2 Gallery – Katowice, Poland
2008 “The IV Artistic open air HI-TECH ART” – Częstochowa Museum, Poland
2007 “The III Artistic open air “Inspiration” – Częstochowa Museum, Poland
2006 “Blue Snow”, Bialy Borek Stable – Biskupice, Poland
2006 “Dąbrówki 9 | Around painting in the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Museum of Silesia, Katowice, Poland
2006 ”With mimosas…”, Bialy Borek Stable – Biskupice, Poland
2006 “Like for the summer”, Stajnia Bialy Borek – Biskupice, Poland
2006 “A spring is going”, Bialy Borek Stable – Biskupice, Poland
2005 “Tractor”, Culture Night – Czestochowa, Poland
2005 “Handbag”, Dizajn Gallery – Czestochowa, Poland
2004 I Marian Michalik Young Artists Competition, City Art Gallery – Czestochowa, Poland
2001 II Marian Michalik Young Artists Competition, City Art Gallery– Czestochowa, Poland
2001 “Inaugural Exhibition”, ASP – Katowice, Poland
2001 Artistic Hope of Czestochowa”, City Art Gallery – Czestochowa, Poland
2000 “Art of Telecommunication” Kapsch – Warsaw, Poland
1997 “15 Biennial of Polish Poster”, Bwa Contemporary Art Gallery – Katowice, Poland


2001 “Art Grant” President of City of Czestochowa


The Society of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP)