Jola Jastrzab

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Jola Jastrzab (b. 1971, Poland) lives and works in Poland. She received her PhD (2004) and MFA (1998) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Katowice branch), Poland. Recent exhibitions include The Newest Art Trienale- Konduktorownia Gallery, Polan; PROFIL – Gallery of Contemporary Art – Poznan, Poland; Mandala Club – Warsaw, Poland ;Art Nova 2 Gallery – Katowice, Poland.



The drawings by Jola Jastrzab presented at the exhibition, unusually economical and lacking the traces of used tools seem to prove that she has accepted drawing as the most compact way of describing the World. Hence the human figure presented in her works in a dramatic, expressive way, usually restricted to a few lines and stains and abstaining from the temptation to define the detail and use portrait elements in the composition which allow to distinguish other characters in her drawings. It is not the author’s aim to talk about the human condition by through examples. Rather her creative endeavor concentrates on the efforts to find equivalents of pure energy. She tries to bring to life a type of hieroglyphs of abstract concepts instead of looking for their allegories or creating parables about them.
The other characteristic of Jastrzab’s drawings is the color which frequently camouflages the differences between her paintings and her drawings.

Jastrzab is distinguished not exactly by her urge to organize the language of art with all its relevant grammar, but rather by her inclination to contain even the most dramatic message in the most economical form. She consistently purifies and eliminates.
Only those elements of which presence creates the work of art remain in her drawing.