evidence of beauty

July 11 – August 16, 2014

opening reception: Friday, July 11, 6-8 pm


EC Gallery is pleased to present “evidence of beauty” – an exhibition featuring new works of Izabella Bultrowicz. This is Bultrowicz’s thirst show with the gallery. The exhibition will be on display at the Gallery from July 11 – August 16, 2014. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, July 11, from 6-8pm.

The series: “evidence of beauty” is about the concept of exploring an existence of simple, subtle and unobtrusive exquisiteness in discarded objects. Objects with an unknown history, physically altered by the waters of Lake Michigan over the course of years. Forgotten and unimportant. The idea behind the project is to elevate those items by photographing them in an “evidence” style and with a simplicity of Shibui esthetics to focus solely on their imperfections, form, texture and shape and thus and present the exquisiteness to the viewer.

Izabella Bultrowicz is a Chicago based medium format landscape photographer.

She was born in 1974 in Poland. Her father was an amateur photographer and she grew up watching him take numerous photographs at all social gatherings, vacations and pictures of random objects. She grew up processing Kodak film in a makeshift darkroom converted out of a communism era tiny apartment’s bathroom.

In 1995 she came to United States and began her fascination with the diverse landscape of Northern America: both urban/industrial and the natural one.

In the late nineties she signed up for a photography class at the local college and traveled extensively in search of the inspiration.

She moved away from 35mm, B&W film and after acquiring a Hasselblad camera,  worked solely in a medium format, personally developing and printing all of her projects.

In October 2007 Izabella was chosen as an artist-in-residence by the National Park Service and spent a few weeks in the Grand Canyon National Park working on B&W landscapes.

In 2008, after coming back to Chicago, while taking a winter walk at the beach in Michigan, she stumbled upon an idea of collecting and photographing objects washed ashore as an alternative to her traditional landscapes. Those objects were a part of it as well and seemed to be even more interesting as they were hiding the origins, had unknown and forgotten past, were unimportant and not commonly noticed and the unordinary love was born leading to an ongoing project titled the “evidence of beauty”.

For further information and/or images, please contact the gallery at info@ec-gallery.com or 312.850.0924.