Ewa Czeremuszkin

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Ewa Czeremuszkin was born in Poland (1974).
She graduated from the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts with the
M.F.A. degree in fashion design.

She is a member of The Society of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP)
and The International Association of Art UNESCO (IAA).

She had her first solo exhibition in 1997 and since then
she had participated in several other art events in Europe and North America.
Her paintings can be found in many private collections in United States,
Germany, Poland and Sweden.




Color has become an important tool for me, one which I ultimately use as a powerful expression of human emotions. The color acts as a form, volume, space and light.
My paintings convey a relationship between nature and the human spirit and are a result of work, which although spontaneous is also peaceful and aesthetic, dominated by pure abstraction and spiritualistic thinking. While my passions and strong emotions play a vital role in the process of creating , it seems I always know from the very start what I want to accomplish.

The abstract paintings I create possess the power to touch the viewer in a palpable and exciting way, yet never speaking of recognizable things. In my quest to eliminate traditional subject matter, I have arrived at pure abstraction. Today my subjects are either purely emotional or intellectual.

The paintings reveal my fascination with geometric abstraction. They create an impression of shapes moving forward, almost trying to escape the canvas with vitality and energy.
The paintings’ dazzling surfaces seem to barely contain their inner dynamism and luminosity – qualities that are conveyed through an intensive process of thin layers and light strokes.


Ewa Czeremuszkin


Translated by Anna Laver